About Rosario

Rosario shares some of her story:

“Rosario Rodriguez is such a gift to the Catholic Church. Her passionate and joyful witness is a testament to the power of grace and the depth of God’s mercy. A true beauty, inside and out, Rosario captivates a crowd from start to finish.” – Mark Hart, Executive Vice President Life Teen, Inc

“Rosario’s incredible witness to the power of forgiveness and healing makes her one of the most passionate and engaging speakers in the Church today. Her inspiring story of God’s love and mercy will lift your soul as she recounts her transformation from victim to victor! Rosario has a message that is vitally important and much needed in our world, a message that will change hearts, minds, and lives. Very highly recommended!” Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Catholic Evangelist and Speaker, Founder of DynamicDeacon.com

“Nobody’s faith is bullet-proof, but Rosario’s story of forgiveness and healing after being a shooting victim proves there is a path that leads to peace.” — Pat Gohn, host of the Among Women podcast


About Rosario…


Rosario Rodriguez grew up in Michigan. Starting in her high school years, she has spent most of her life working in many capacities with different Catholic ministries from inner-city youth, campus ministry, pro-life, CCD/RCIA, and the poor and the homeless in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. When she first moved to Los Angeles she worked in Hollywood at Act One, an organization training Christian writers and producers to work in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Now, she travels everywhere, sharing her amazing story with thousands of people including gang members with the LAPD for Operation Cease Fire and a victim awareness program at a high maximum security prison.

Rosario is passionate about her faith, family, football, and Latin dancing. Her love language is chocolate. And She enjoys watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings with her husband. She is still a dedicated Detroit Lions fan who believes that despite all of their challenges they will someday rise up and win the Superbowl!