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Main presentation:

Finding Forgiveness in the Midst of Tragedy: In Rosario’s most popular presentation, she speaks about her experience of being an innocent victim and miraculous survivor of two violent crimes. She shares how after spending years struggling with depression and questioning her dignity and worth she found hope and healing through the grace of the sacraments and in forgiving her assailants.

Other presentations:

Called by God. Now What?: Rosario spent over six years as a missionary working at University and College campuses to evangelize and inspire students. Rosario has ample experience as a missionary in many different avenues with a variety of organizations. In this presentation, she speaks about the New Evangelization and how to evangelize in your everyday life.

What it means to be a Feminine Woman: Rosario explores society’s view of femininity versus the Catholic view of femininity and discusses the struggles it presents to women. Rosario presents practical ways we can be truly feminine women while living in today’s society.

*One on one: Rosario is willing to greet people after her presentation.