“Rosario Rodriguez is such a gift to the Catholic Church. Her passionate and joyful witness is a testament to the power of grace and the depth of God’s mercy. A true beauty, inside and out, Rosario captivates a crowd from start to finish.” – Mark Hart, Executive Vice President Life Teen, Inc

“Rosario’s incredible witness to the power of forgiveness and healing makes her one of the most passionate and engaging speakers in the Church today. Her inspiring story of God’s love and mercy will lift your soul as she recounts her transformation from victim to victor! Rosario has a message that is vitally important and much needed in our world, a message that will change hearts, minds, and lives. Very highly recommended!” Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Catholic Evangelist and Speaker, Founder of DynamicDeacon.com

“Rosario Rodriguez is a very gifted speaker who holds one’s attention throughout her talks – be it to high school boys, older adults, or anyone in between. She shares her message of forgiveness with heartfelt conviction, even though to this day, she carries wounds from her ordeals.” — Julie Archibald, Women of Christ Conference/ Marquette University All Boys High School

“Nobody’s faith is bullet-proof, but Rosario’s story of forgiveness and healing after being a shooting victim proves there is a path that leads to peace.” — Pat Gohn, host of the Among Women podcast

“Rosario’s powerful story of suffering, healing and forgiveness is a perfect lesson for each of us about moving past life’s hurts and thriving in God’s grace.” —Tony Rossi, Director of Communications, The Christophers 

“In a society of self, Rosario’s powerful story of forgiveness and grace is a refreshing message as well as an answer to the prayers of those who seek an end to the cycle of violence. Her testimony touches the heart and offers a path to spiritual peace through forgiveness in Christ.”  —Ashley Collins, Director, E-Ministry for Peter and Paul Ministries

“Rosario is a model of heroic faith and a profound example of the transformative power of forgiveness and mercy in a person’s life.  Her desire to bring the Gospel to everyone she meets and into the secular world and work place makes her a shining light of the New Evangelization.  For students and adults alike at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, she revealed how impactful even a single voice can be that is animated by a Spirit of Love and gave to all who heard her speak the hope and courage to bear witness to the sanctity of Life and the beauty of the Catholic Faith.” —Fr. David S. Abernethy, C.O. Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Pittsburgh PA

“Through Rosario’s testimony she helped me understand that true forgiveness from the heart is the key to peace.” —Chelsea Rojas Bronx, NY

“It is an all-too-rare gift to the Church Militant that someone who has risen from such unspeakable brutality is willing to re-live the horror, in the telling, for the purpose of witnessing the necessity, the beauty and the healing power of faith, forgiveness and the Sacraments. Rosario Rodriguez is poised to be such a witness!” —Brian Kravec, Columnist, CatholicMom.com

“Carole and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to hear you speak, to pray with you at the abortion clinic, and to enjoy several meals and great conversations over the last few days!   I can say you have deeply touched our hearts and souls and inspired our prayer life.  Your presentations were powerful, current, and very well received by the many adults and college students attending the Oratory’s 40 Hours for Life Vigil in Pittsburgh this past weekend.  Thank you again for your “YES” to God and His Blessed Mother and for your joyful, inspirational witness.   I pray that your apostolate continues to grow and enjoy His blessings and protection as you glorify God.” —Rich DiClaudio, President Pittsburg Chapter of Legatus; Chief Executing Officer, Managing Partner Blue Tip Energy

“Rosario’s testimony really gave me hope and made me value my life.” —Layly Bernard, 21 Corona, NY

“When I heard what Rosario had to say, I was pretty blown away and asked myself why I couldn’t do the same (forgive) to people who did not harm me so severely. I knew that it was not through Rosario’s own strength but Christ within her that was doing all the forgiving. ONLY through Jesus Christ will we be able to let go of so many events that haunt us and I learned that through Rosario. “   —Jennifer Venegas Alvarez 18 NY, NY

With Adelina Ramirez after speaking at Peace In The Streeets. Paterson, NJ 8-2011