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“Do Something Beautiful” with Leah Darrow 

My most in depth interview yet with Tony Rossi for the  “Christopher Closeup” podcast! Listen to two full podcast’s as I not only share about surviving two attacks but talk about my family, faith and missionary work!

“When Forgiveness is Hard” – My interview with Pat Gohn for “Among Women” podcast where I share my struggle of forgiveness and the emotional stress of surviving two horrific attacks.

Blog posts/Articles:

A beautifully written article by Brian Kravec on – Rosario Rodriguez: A Witness of The Greater Good 

“Cheating Death and Loving God” – An Article by Tony Rossi “Rosario Rodriguez has cheated violent death twice. In her body she still carries a bullet; in her soul, only forgiveness.”

Sharing my stories of forgiveness by Spirit Juice Studios

Check out the behind – the – Scenes: Forgiveness Photo Album here on facebook

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Act One in Hollywood


Catholic Therapists

Overcoming a porn addiction:

Fight the new drug 

Matt Fradd about pornography

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